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Week of December 25, 2000

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Monday December 25, 2000

No update.

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Tuesday December 26, 2000

I hope all of you had a delightful Christmas! I know we did and I took today off to recover which is why I am writing this in the morning rather than tonight. I will be working tomorrow through Saturday then have Sunday and Monday off. I will be on call Saturday night which means I will have New Years Eve day to recover.

Christmas Eve evening was spent reinstalling an operating system on what became the kids computer. I finally managed to get Windows 98 installed correctly and working fine one it. Then I installed the Intel Microscope on it for Stacey to experiment with and that took a couple of hours of fine tuning to get it working correctly. Since the hardware on that machine is the minimum needed to handle the software for the microscope, I consider it a victory for me that it runs only needing a little tweaking now and then. They are both very happy with the computer now that ICQ is installed and working properly on it for Stephen and the microscope for Stacey.

Christmas Day dawned a little later than normal for us. Delanae got up and turned off Stacey's alarm which meant that she slept until we awakened her rather than being up at the crack of dawn (or before). We actually had to wake Stephen up this Christmas which meant he was the last one up. Santa was good to everyone with the kids favorite being the money their grandparents sent them. Delanae's favorite may be the Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffeemaker that we gave her although she really loves her new computer. My family surprised me with a Sony MS Walkman that is really cool. It is so light and sounds great. I had to install the software on Delanae's computer since my P-200 doesn't have enough horsepower to support it. I ripped a CD on the computer at 105kbps in less than thirty minutes and downloaded it to the Memory Stick in less than ten minutes so I was able to listen to the entire CD thirty minutes after choosing the one I wanted. In the past I have not run while listening to music or the radio, maybe that will change now. My favorite present,however, was the poem picked out by Stacey and framed by her. It was a tribute to her Dad and brought tears to mine and Delanae's eyes. Delanae said Stacey had to supervise every word put on the manuscript and make sure it was right and she picked out the frame herself. It will forever be displayed on my desk.

Later in the day, we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Delanae. I told her that each holiday I don't think she can do better but she constantly amazes me. We then watched the Porland Trailblazers beat the Los Angeles Lakers; well, Delanae slept through the second half and I was setting up my MS Walkman software and downloading an update to it while the game was on but it was a great win for the Blazers. Since we adults were so stuffed, we just had dessert for dinner while Stephen made a great bonfire with all the empty boxes and gift wrapping. It was a perfect end to a great day.

Today is exchange day for everyone but me. Since I am off today, I get to be the one to ferry the kids around to exchange a Nintendo 64 game here and a guitar book there and probably to get their checks cashed also. Their mother usually gets to do this duty but it fell to me today since I am off. Maybe I will have another update later but don't count on it since I now have to, once again, share this second telephone line with another computer and a teenager's telephone.

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Wednesday December 27, 2000

Short post tonight. Busy day at work today catching up on messages and phone calls from the past four days. The hospital was busy for our group but several went home today. I had one patient in the hospital, a man who had a heart attack sometime Friday night or Saturday morning but did not come in to be seen until yesterday.

Tonight was spent restoring Delanae's new system. While she was trying to print an album page last night her computer began acting strangely. She rebooted it and it told her that Windows was unable to read the registry and could not boot properly. She tried rebooting again and it booted into safe mode. Since it was very late when this happened, I did not attack the problem then but waited until tonight to work on it. First, I backed up her data onto a Zip Disk then used the registry restore feature of Windows ME. Her system is now back up and functioning normally except for the software for my Sony MS Walkman. That had to be reinstalled and now I have to rerip the CD again that I had done yesterday. The important thing is that her computer is functioning normally again. I don't know what happened but suspect that the program printing wrote to the registry. It won't do that again as I uninstalled that program and she will use a different one to create her album pages from now on. We think this program caused her old computer to page fault a lot too. It won't do that again. Once again I guess this proves that another Windows operating system does not protect its registry very well.

No Compaq iPaq yet! I am hoping it will come this week but there are only two days left in the week now. Tomorrow I am the inpatient hospital physician so must get to bed soon.

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Thursday December 28, 2000

Today was the day for elderly women with chest pain. It seems like a lot of days at the office and/or hospital have themes to them and today was certainly one of those days. All the patients I admitted today were 80-83 years of age, female, and all had chest pain AND atrial fibrillation. One had forgotten to take her medication last night and this morning so her heart sped up and caused her chest pain. Now that she is back on it her heart has slowed and her chest pain has gone away. We are watching her for 24 hours to be certain it does not return.

Tomorrow, I am back in the office again. Then, Saturday I will be in the urgent care clinic and on call Saturday night until 7 AM Sunday morning. I will then be off until Tuesday for the New Year's holiday.

Still no iPaq. I keep hoping it will come before next year but those hopes grow dimmer as we have only two delivery days left before next year. It appears that everyone wants one of these devices which means I may have to wait longer that I had thought. (Thanks to Frank and his PocketPCHow2.log for this link)

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Friday December 29, 2000

I was busy in the office today. Tomorrow should be busy again since it is the Saturday before another holiday Monday. I did see one patient late this afternoon who will need her gallbladder out next week. She was visiting her son in Henderson, NV (which is just outside of Las Vegas, for those who don't know) and awoke early Christmas morning with abdominal pain. It got so severe that her son took her to the local hospital ER at 4 AM where an ultrasound showed her to have gallstones and thickening of the wall of the gallbladder which is indicative of acute inflammation. She was treated with pain medication and antibiotics and insisted on coming back here to have her surgery. I will set her up to have her surgery next week but will have to wait and talk to the surgeons Tuesday but told her if her pain got bad again to come in this weekend and it would be done as an emergency.

Tomorrow night I am on call after working all day in the urgent care clinic. There may or may not be a post tomorrow and if there is it will be short. One last thing, the iPaq watch continues with nothing sighted as yet. I guess I won't get it this year.

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Saturday December 30, 2000

No update.

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Sunday December 31, 2000

Happy Anniversary Delanae! Seven wonderful years of marriage today and plans for many, many more. We're allowing Stephen to have some of his friends over for a New Year's Eve party tonight so it will be a different kind of celebration tonight. All that matters is that we are together tonight.

Last night was not too bad, especially for a Saturday night on call. I got home around 8:30 PM and did not have to go back to the hospital the rest of the night. The phone calls were not too bad either, Delanae and I managed to make it through watching "Mission Impossible II" on DVD between telephone calls. We slept in this morning to make up for the lost sleep last night and to get ready for tonight.

No really interesting stories from the office or hospital yesterday. Most of what I saw in the office was upper respiratory type illness. I did see one gentleman of mine who has emphysema and presented with a pneumonia. He should be OK with an oral antibiotic at home. He reminded me that if he needed to be hospitalized then he wanted to go to the VA hospital in Portland since he would have no copay for his hospitalization there. Here he would have to pay 20% under his Medicare policy. I did see one family of four that both parents are deaf. They have a seven year old daughter and an eight month old son. The most interesting part is that the seven year old daughter is the one who they use to communicate with me. She is very precocious and obviously very smart speaks and hears normally and signs very rapidly to interpret for her parents. Needless to say, communication in that exam room was interesting as I would talk to her, she would sign to them and interpret for me what they were signing back to her.

Dan Bowman sent me an e-mail today in which he commented how happy he was with his new Palm IIIc. He is using it to synchronize his schedule at home and work which is what I plan on doing if my iPaq will ever come. Can you tell I am beginning to become impatient? I found a website yesterday that said they have them available for shipping right now. If only I had known the first of this month. Now, watch the iPaq come Tuesday after me having said that.

If I don't talk to you again until next year, let me wish you a happy and safe New Year!

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