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Week of September 18, 2000

Last Updated: 9/24/2000 at 11:28 PM PDT

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Monday September 18, 2000

Say hello to a new week. I will likely have shorter than normal updates this week as I am on vacation from the office and my mother is due to arrive tomorrow. She will be staying with us for one week. She will get to experience watching her granddaughter play volleyball tomorrow afternoon and her grandson play football Friday night, if it isn't raining. We are supposed to have dry, sunny weather this week so she and I will try and take advantage of it and go to the coast on Wednesday which should be our warmest day of the week. If we are lucky, it will be in the low 70's at the coast while it is in the mid 80's here. The rest of her time here is kind of up in the air right now until I see how she is feeling.

The Leadership Council meeting this morning actually was over early. We discussed some personnel issues including one physician who is resigning from our group. That physician has found it difficult to work within the framework of a group and has been a disruptive force. Hopefully, this resignation will be the best for both parties. We also discussed our medical director with the CEO of our local region; just his annual evaluation and we were uniformly positive about him.

Tomorrow, Delanae has a seminar to go to south of Seattle. I found directions to the hotel on the Web today and printed them for her. She is also going to try and go by and talk to a possible new owner for Dexter. This family lives on the Olympic Peninsula, across the Puget Sound from Seattle. I will be driving down to Portland tomorrow to pick up my mother and, hopefully, I can run by Fry's while I am in the Portland area and see what all they have. I have not been to a large computer supply store in a long time. I just want to go and look, I am not looking for any one thing at the present time.

Tonight we are off to Stephen's football game. It is a junior varsity game and he will be playing most of it, both on offense and defense. Their JV team is small in numbers so he does not have much backup help. He will be tired when he gets home tonight. Maybe some more later after the game, if not I will see you tomorrow.

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Tuesday September 19, 2000

A quick update tonight. My mother is here, she had a good flight. Said it was the smoothest one she has been on, no turbulence at all and the flights on time. We had a long wait for her baggage at PDX(Portland) but it was because of some problem that the airline had with their baggage handling plus one of the baggage carousels was non-functional.

After we got back to Longview, it was time for Stacey's volleyball match so she got to experience her first seventh grade girls volleyball match. The games tend to be rather slow since the girls have a problem serving over the net consistently. Not all of them do but the majority. They make get two or three points in a row then hit a serve into the net. One time there were about twenty sideouts before one girl was able to get a serve over the net and in play. Stacey's team did win the match and will play again Thursday afternoon.

Delanae did make it up to her seminar. She did not go and talk to a possible new owner for Dexter, I talked to the person yesterday afternoon and they had decided it would not be a good idea. Anyway, Delanae did some shopping in the Seattle area after her seminar was over. I think she only came home with a rug for one bathroom floor.

Tomorrow, my mother and I may go to the coast. We will see how we feel in the morning. More precisely, we will see if she is up to it tomorrow morning. Good night for now.

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Wednesday September 20, 2000

The weather turned out to be cloudy (I know, big surprise in Washington) so we did not go to the coast today. We hung around here and read and talked. Mostly we talked about the improvements my mother had made on the house after my father died. She has gotten it into much better shape than it was two years ago.

Someone here locally is interested in Dexter. I will contact them tomorrow and see how interested she is. If she is really interested then we will get them together and see how they like each other. He will get a trial visit or two for two or three days to see how they will do together.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy which hopefully means I can get some computer things done. I need to install the scanner on Delanae's computer so she can scan in some photos. I would also like to introduce my mother to the concept of e-mail by letting her send some to her other grandchildren. Maybe that would inspire her to purchase a computer and use it for e-mail to keep in better contact with us and my brother's family. She has been too afraid that she is too old to learn how to use a computer, I know that is not true but she will take a lot of convincing.

Also tomorrow Stacey has another volleyball match which once again promises to be a blowout, at least according to her. Hopefully, the match won't be quite as slow as the one on Tuesday. More tomorrow......

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Thursday September 21, 2000

Today's volleyball match was not a blowout, in fact Stacey's team lost. So much for the predictions of a seventh grader.

My mother did write an e-mail today on my computer. She is still not interested in having her own, however, despite all I showed her today. She still feels like there is too much to learn and she is too old to learn. Computers remain too intimidating for a lot of people, that is one thing that will have to change, making computers less intimidating by making processes like sending e-mail simpler, not more complicated. Software doesn't necessarily need more features, just make it easier to use by beginners.

No news yet on Dexter. He is now posted on a website for Australian Shepherds here. I thought it was a very well done web site and told the designer that. They are also good pictures of Dexter (Delanae took them) if I may say so myself.

I did not get much done on either computer today. The scanner is now sitting in Delanae's office but has not been installed on her computer yet. I will try and get to that tomorrow or Saturday. Somehow, the days are not going as planned this week. I get some things accomplished but also feel a lot of pressure to keep my mother entertained. It's great having her here but our family's routine does get interrupted. It's only four more days so we can survive until then.

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Friday September 22, 2000

My mother and I went to Mt St. Helen's today. It was an absolutely clear day so we had a good view of the volcano, probably the best day I have seen up there. It was windy and in the low 40's so it was uncomfortable to be outside for any length of time. It was also not very crowded with it being a week day. The snows will probably start up there within the next couple of weeks, after all today was the first day of autumn. Tonight it is supposed to get down into the middle 30's here with scattered frost. The days will continue in the middle 70's and dry through the middle of next week.

Stephen's team won tonight. They played an arch rival who is only 10 miles from here and the game was there. His team spotted the other team 14 early points then came back to win 22-14. They were pretty happy about winning.

On the computer front, nothing got installed again today. Hopefully, I can get some time tomorrow but college football may very well get in the way. Arkansas plays Alabama at 6 PM our time tomorrow night and one of my friends is taping the game which is being played on ESPN2 and I don't have a subscription to that service. I will try and not see the score on another channel and he is supposed to bring me the tape as soon as the game is over. Go Hogs!!!!

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Saturday September 23, 2000

No update.

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Sunday September 24, 2000

A good football weekend so far for me. First, Stephen's high school varsity team won, on the road, 22-14, coming back from being down 14-3 at halftime. It was a big win for them as they lost, at home, to this team last year. Then, Saturday night, the Arkansas Razorbacks won 28-21 over Alabama. This was a game in Fayetteville, Arkansas and was a very important game for both teams. I just watched the tape of the game which was recorded by a friend of mine off ESPN2 which I do not get. It was very exciting to watch as I did not know how the game came out until the end of the tape. I purposefully did not watch any football scores Saturday night, not wanting to spoil the surprise. Arkansas lost its top two running backs and still came back and won in a driving rain in the second half. They have a tough game with Georgia this coming Saturday but it will also be in Fayetteville.

My mother and I, along with Delanae and Stacey, went to Cannon Beach today after church. It was warm at the coast, warm that is for the Oregon coast, with the temperature in the high 60's and little or no wind. Delanae brought back a starfish for my mother to take back to the younger grandchildren in Arkansas who have never seen a real starfish. Tomorrow we have to treat the starfish so it is ready to take on the airplane Tuesday. They have to be immersed in alcohol for a few hours to dry them out and prevent them from smelling. Unfortunately, the alcohol will bleach them white but that cannot be helped.

Yesterday was spent doing some yardwork and barbecuing chicken last night. Also, I watched a lot of the Olympics and introduced my mother to movies on DVD. We watched "Michael" last night, which was the first movie she had seen on DVD. I am still trying to convince her to get a computer so she can start e-mailing but it will take more convincing. DVD is still far in the future for her also. I'll keep trying.

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