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This is the home page of Jim Crider. I am a family practice physician who lives and practices in Longview, Washington.

Currently, as you can see, I am in the process of constructing this web site. I have put a daily journal here that is called Doc's Progress Notes , which has been inspired by reading the journals of the others in The Daynotes Gang. My journal is not primarily about computers since I am not an expert on computers like they are. I will write about what happens to me on a (hopefully) daily basis. You can see the past weeks here. Since I am also not a professional writer as some of them are, it will not be as well written as theirs tend to be. Please feel free to send me feedback about the journal.

I began constructing this site using only Front Page Express and Microsoft Word 97,best replica watches then switched to NoteTab Pro and CuteFTP when I got tired of the extra HTML that Word added. Now I am using 1stPage 2000 which is freeware. I want to see how nice a site can be built with only very basic tools. Please excuse my mess as I continue constructing this site.



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